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A landmark study

Professor Nicholas Postgate described the Assyrian King List as an 'insurmountable obstacle' to major chronological revision of the Ancient Near East. However an independent scholar has now shown how it might be achieved. This website is dedicated to gaining a wider audience and critical attention for this study, Chronology at the Crossroads, by Bernard Newgrosh.

The kings named in the AKL in the Middle Assyrian period are all, save one, well attested elsewhere, e.g. in royal inscriptions. Their reign-lengths seem reliable and thus significant shortening was previously deemed impossible. 

140 years of Middle Assyrian Dark Age were inadvertently included within the AKL in ancient times. In a brilliant piece of original research Bernard Newgrosh shows how this came about.

There is one key link with Egypt - the writer of two Amarna Letters, king 'Ashur-uballit'. But Newgrosh lists many problems with the usual identification and offers  a new solution to resolve these issues.

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